Our offer

Our story is easily included in the liturgy / program of your (online) meeting around Easter of 2021.  On oder you will receive a link to download and play the film.  It is also suitable for youth groups and other (online) meetings around Easter.  

  • Price: normally £260/$360, for Easter 2021 yet for only £150/$210 (excl VAT)  
  • Payment: you see that normally the price is higher. But we found it important that much people can see the story of freedom. If you want to support this project and us as artist we are more than happy to receive a donation
  • How: You will receive the link to the video by Thursday, April 1st 
  • Length: 20 minutes  
  • Language: Non-verbal - also suitable for deaf or hearing impaired persons and other languages  
  • Use: online for 2 weeks on your own channel / stream - we bring this theater performance to you by means of a film recording  
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