Theater experience

A special kind of theatre in which the audience experiences the Easter story of the Bible first hand and is taken directly into the action. Through the fusion of performing art forms such as physical theatre, mime, dance and music, the audience will experience this touching story in a new and unique way. It begins with Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem and ends at the Resurrection. It is based on the Gospels of the Bible and inspired by the Way of the Cross.


The performance is not played on one stage, but the audience walks with the players through the various stations of the Easter story and becomes part of the story itself. The play brings the tragedy and joy of Easter closed to the audience. The entire performance lasts about one and a half hours.

Venues that can be used indoors and outdoors are advantageous (forecourt, garden around the church, in the church).


In 2025, the theatre experience will only be available in German-speaking countries.
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