Theatrical Movie

We bring this theater performance to you by means of a film recording.

The theatrical movie lasts 20 minutes and shows the central stations of the biblical Easter story. It therefore well suited for use in  (online) worship services and events around Easter. The movie can also be used for youth groups and other meetings on Easter weekend.

We start with the Last Supper and end celebration of Christ's resurrection.

The footage was shot in the atmospheric setting of an historical church and abbey in Switzerland.

After ordering you will receive, no later than March 30th, a link where you can either watch the video live for your event or download it to integrate in your stream.

  • Target price: €320 (excl. VAT)
  • Payment: We find it important that the story is made available to more people, therefore you can order the movie for your own price, starting from €95 (excl. VAT). With a higher donation, you are also sponsoring the team and the live performances in 2023.
  • How: You will receive the link to the video by Thursday, March 30th 
  • Length: 20 minutes  
  • Language: Non-verbal - also suitable for deaf or hearing impaired persons and other languages  
  • Use: online for 2 weeks on your own channel / stream - we bring this theater performance to you by means of a film recording  
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